Sleeping beauty: unconsciously enhance your night-time regime

Sleeping beauty: unconsciously enhance your night-time regime

Celebrate World Sleep Day with a dreamy selection of bedtime products

Nothing is as fundamental to healthy skin – and a healthy mind – as a good snooze. Our suggested bedtime routine helps you to make the most of your nightly shuteye, so you can face the day fresh-faced.

Getting ready 

Investing in a silk pillowcase combats frizz and fine lines while lending some luxury to your bedroom. Mulberry silk in particular, contains the same naturally occurring protein as our skin and hair, meaning the frictionless fabric keep our follicles flat. Spritz it with some of Byredo’s Toile textile perfume for extra aromatherapy benefits. The fragrance has top notes of bergamot, which is famed for its stress-reducing qualities. 

Getting rest 

The demands of modern multi-tasking mean that even in our sleep we should be achieving more than just REM. Aesop’s ‘Sublime Replenishing Night Masque’ makes it easier to do just that. Originally developed as an alternative to disposable sheet masks, the ‘Night Masque’ delivers a myriad of water- and oil-soluble vitamins to the skin overnight. According to Dr Kate Forbes, innovation director at Aesop, the hours we spend sleeping are a valuable opportunity to deliver product to the skin. ‘We are less likely to touch our faces or to sweat heavily; two things that during the day can inadvertently work to remove product from the face. This uninterrupted exposure offers the optimal chance of delivering the best possible results to the skin.’

Getting up 

After a necessary visit to dreamland, there comes a time when we need to get going in the morning. The Barisieur alarm clock uses a bubbling brew as a wakeup call, making it possible to get a caffeine fix even before leaving the bedroom. §

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